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zattany's Journal

Zac Efron + Brittany Snow = Zattany
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Anybody , Moderated

This is the community dedicated to the talented Brittany Snow and Zac Efron. A place for all fans to share their favorite images, songs, graphics, and everything else related to these two people. This community was made on August 14th, 2007.
01. Please credit for EVERYTHING you get here.
02. If you're posting more than three icons or pictures, please use the lj-cut. If you're posting more than one animated icon, please use the cut tag. Since some people have slow connections, it is best to be considerate of them. All icon graphics, INFO banners, layouts, wallpapers, and bases MUST be behind a cut and with the required minimum three icons. All posts must have at least three icons. It clutters up people’s friends pages and is utterly pointless to post with only one or two icons. MAKE ALL ENTRIES FRIENDS ONLY!
03. We strongly encourage crediting to the icon makers, but if you've made an icon and someone's stolen it without credit, this is not the place to complain about this. You may contact them privately, and politely ask for them to credit you in the keywords.
04. You can post screen caps, but only good quality screen caps can be posted. As long as the poster made the caps themselves and leaves everything under an lj-cut. Any such screen captures posted are understood to be used for icons and other creative uses.
05. Once again, this is an OPEN community once you join! It must be Brittany or Zac related. It may include music, their movies, individuals. You may only promote Brittany or Zac related communities. Everything else must go through me, and then you may post it if approved.
06. Promotion is nice and it gives this community more members. The more members we have, the more icons and such we'll have for you. Invite your friends or other Zattany lovers.

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